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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Below are just some of the thousands of testimonials received over the years:

“Charlie Hind is a Master Craftsman by every definition of the term. His ability to engineer these wooden sweet potatoes is unmatched anywhere in the world, and his technical expertise in making musical instruments is among a rare breed. As an expert woodworker myself, I am amazed at the superior fit and finish of his wooden sweet potato ocarina. It has an almost magical feel. This ocarina is a wooden treasure, and the Museum would do well to acquire one for its collection.”
--Lee Chesson, Board Member of The North Carolina Museum of Traditional Pottery

"I just got the tenor sweet potato in the post today, and it is a masterpiece! The workmanship is quite extraordinary, and I can say with confidence that this is the finest musical instrument I have ever seen. I think this set of ocarinas will quickly become my most prized possession. I can't thank you enough Mr. Hind, and I am certainly looking forward to adding the others to my collection."

"Your hand-carved sweet potato ocarina arrived today safe 'n' sound. It is a beautiful-looking and beautiful-sounding instrument; I love it! It's already on display...I've been comparing yours to my (other maker) ocarinas. I notice they have a slight "breathiness" when playing the very highest notes, whereas yours responds absolutely clearly and effortlessly throughout its range."

“This is an outstanding instrument. The workmanship is second to none. All the notes of my tenor ocarina are tuned perfectly, and the wood imparts a much warmer quality and tone than other materials. The enclosed fingering sheet is easy to understand even if you are not particularly musically inclined and even if you don't read music at all. I would not hesitate a moment ordering again. The cost is very reasonable considering the years of pleasure you can expect from this wonderfully sounding, portable instrument."

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the Soprano Sweet Potato today. It is really beautiful and sounds great. I don't know what I am doing yet but love the tone I hear when I blow into it. So many ocarinas are annoying when you hear the high notes. Not this one. Your workmanship is amazing too. I love it. And thanks for sending it so fast."

"I received the Alto, absolutely stunning! Superb quality as usual with beautiful tone. Thanks kindly!"

"I bought one of your teeny-tiny ocarinas at a craft show in Myrtle Beach some years ago and have enjoyed it very much. Time to get one with a deeper more mellow sound. I exalt in your craftsmanship and musicianship...the intonation was perfect even on that very small ocarina. You give a great gift to the world. Thank you.
PS. I just ordered a tenor. Yeehaw!"

“The craftsmanship of your work is superb, and they are truly works of functional art. Thank you again for your kindness and courtesy."

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for building a beautiful instrument. I bought your double ocarina and am continually astonished by your creation. I have played a number of ocarinas and the intonation is always questionable. I cannot imagine how you got the two chambers to be so well in tune. The unisons are perfect! I also love the tone quality, and the fingerings are all very comfortable. The wood is beautiful; the feel of the mouthpiece is wonderful. A perfect instrument! I am a composer and one of my hobbies is designing and building instruments. Your Double Ocarina is an inspiration to me! Thank you!”

"The Tenor Ocarina is absolutely the most beautiful and finely crafted instrument I've ever seen. The quality of construction, the perfection of sound, and the attention to detail is so evident in your workmanship.”

“I appreciate your friendly and professional communication and the way you personally offer any additional assistance and education to help your clients be totally pleased with their purchase.”

“My husband, a professional musician, was so happy to receive your ocarina as a gift from me and has been playing it ever since! The accompanying drawstring bag is a special touch, and the songbooks I ordered from you are just terrific. I originally bought this for myself, but gave it to my husband as an anniversary gift because I remembered how much HE wanted one FIRST! Well, now I want one of your gorgeous wooden ocarinas--and I'm about to order it! I'm recommending your products to everyone who wants to enjoy playing an AWESOME instrument lovingly made by a master craftsman. Thank you so much."

"Thank you for the fast delivery. Your bass ocarina is the nicest looking instrument that I have ever held in my hands. Thank you very much.”

"I received the tenor ocarina on Friday, and it is a beautiful creation. It's amazing that someone is doing something this creative and unusual with such high standards. The quality and tone are excellent. I'm generally "picky" about such things. This instrument is beautifully made; I have no complaint whatsoever. I have played with it since it came. I've gone through the songs in the book I purchased with it. I'm going to enjoy this for a long time."

"This is actually the second time that I've e-mailed you after our transaction about my ocarina had ended. I just can't help but send you another thank you, due to how precious it has become to me. I have had the beautiful sweet potato that you made for around a year and a half. I play it often, for any suitable occasion, or just at home with or without a music book. It is amazing how the ocarina sounds. It calms and relieves me most any time that I play it, and I can pick it up more often than my saxophone or other instruments because there is no assembly. I have showed it as a prized possession to friends and family, played  it at a talent show, and even demonstrated to a college professor who teaches the physics of waves. I am proud to have shown them your work, and I have also shown several of them your website and other products. It makes me happy to have done these things, and I will continue to share your product and site with others that I meet throughout my future.
Again, I love your work, so much that I'm looking at other instruments that you are selling, and I expect to buy another ocarina sometime in the near future. Thank you so much for making this blessing available to me, and for sharing it with many others.
My praises and thanks,    Steven" 

"Hi Charlie,
I wanted to let you know that the ocarina and case arrived in perfect shape. As always, your ocarina and case are made perfectly and are just exquisite! The cocobolo ocarina is so polished that the finish looks like what one would expect on stone.  You really know how to bring out the characteristics of the wood-the ocarina is so beautiful to the eye.  The ocarina is also quite a treat to the ear, as well.  The tone is so clear and sweet.  It is a wonderful instrument and it is very hard to put it down. I feel as if I could play it all day! The sapele case just glows-I love the slight curl in the wood grain as well.  The craftsmanship is truly perfection.  You give the case as much attention in the details as you give to the ocarinas. I very much appreciate the quality of your craftsmanship. 

Like the other Hind ocarinas that I own, this new ocarina and it's case will be treasured and appreciated for years to come!
Thanks so much!


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