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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Musical Milestones

An overview of my musical experiences

1951 Born in Brunswick, Georgia
1961 Started playing flute-o-phone in the 5th grade
1962 Joined the band in 6th grade playing clarinet
1968 & '69 Attended summer music camps in Columbus, GA and Jekyll Island, GA
Graduated from High School
Received music scholarship to attend Berry College in Rome, GA
1971 Transferred to the University of South Carolina on a music scholarship
1972 Started playing the viola and soon was accepted into the USC Orchestra
1973-77 Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra, viola...Repertoire: Symphonic
1974-77 Columbia Lyric Theater Orchestra, viola...Repertoire: Operatic
1974-77 Columbia Town Theater Orchestra, viola...Repertoire: Musicals

Started playing the recorder
Senior recital on viola and clarinet
Won USC Concerto-Aria Competition on viola
Started woodworking and made first recorders
Graduated USC-BS Music Education
1976 Completed first year of graduate school
1977-1980 Taught string classes in Anderson, SC public schools for three years
1977-1980 Anderson Symphony Orchestra, viola
1977-1980 Anderson Community Theater Orchestra, clarinet
1979 Received Masters Degree in Music Education from USC
1981 Short apprenticeship at Bein & Fushi, Chicago
  Worked at the Kelischek Workshop, Brasstown, NC
1982 Started Hind Musical Instruments  specializing in hand made recorders, transverse flutes, xylophones, and ocarinas


Finalized current design of my Inline ocarinas and was granted a US Trademark on their shape
  Made a single manual pipe organ with Rosewood keyboard and Padauk pipes
1984-85 Phased out recorders and flutes to concentrate on ocarinas
1986 Machined 1st music box movement
1988 Granted US Patent on Pentatonic ocarina
1990 Moved to Honea Path, SC and built present workshop
1993 Made 2nd music box
1996 Made the Ocarina Celestina
2002 Launched 1st website at www.hindocarina.com
2005 Developed present method of making wooden sweet potatoes
2008 Current website launched January 1, 2008
2009 Developed two octave double sweet potato


Hind Musical Instruments
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