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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Hind Sweet Potato Ocarinas



December, 2019: After 45 years of instrument making, I have decided to spend more time on other interests and am experimenting with semi-retirement. No, this is NOT a permanent retirement. I will continue to make some ocarinas on a limited basis, but not everything I have designed in the past will be available in the foreseeable future. If you don't see an ADD TO CART button for a particular instrument, it is not available at this time. I will be making some of the inline ocarinas as time permits but they will not always be in stock. Feel free to contact me about availability or special orders for custom sweet potatoes. Thank you for your interest in my instruments and for visiting my site.

Price list for custom sweet potatoes

Product Categories

  1. Sweet Potato Ocarinas

    Prized by musicians and collectors alike, these wooden "Sweet Potato" ocarinas are accurately tuned to concert pitch (A=440) and carefully voiced to have a rich, warm tone. Various woods are available for custom orders.

    Ocarina shown at left is made of Cocobolo.

  2. Inline Ocarinas

    These are the original inline ocarinas that I designed in the early 1980s. Much lighter than clay or ceramic ocarinas of the same size, they are easier to hold and play and are a great choice if you are new to ocarinas.

  3. Ocflute Ocarinas - Available Now!

    My OcFlute is a wooden ocarina that is turned on a lathe like a flute. It combines the familiar ocarina tone with the beautiful turned profile of a wooden flute or recorder.

    1. Obelisk Ocarinas

      Introduced in 2015, my Obelisk ocarina is based on the stone pillars found in many cultures throughout history.

    2. Eclipse Ocarinas

      My new Eclipse ocarinas were inspired by the total solar eclipse that crossed America in 2017.
    3. Skull Ocarinas

      The Skull ocarina hardly needs an introduction. Made of rosewood in two sizes...a pendant to hang as a necklace, and an inline alto to fit in your pocket.
    4. Wooden Gemshorn Ocarinas

      New for 2017! This is my wooden version of the historical gemshorn, an early forerunner of the ocarina.
    5. Serpent Ocarinas

      New for 2017! A whimsical new ocarina with a great tone and range.
    6. Whale Ocarina

      Created in 2017 for the musical theater production of SeaWife, the story of a haunted whaling ship from the 1800's.
    7. Star Trek Ocarinas

      New for 2017, my Star Trek ocarina is based on the emblem worn by the crew of the starship USS Enterprise in the Star Trek series.

    8. Inlaid Ocarinas

      New for 2016, these special inlaid instruments are the ultimate combination of woodworking and ocarina making.
    9. Mouth Organs

      A hand held pipe organ that plays like a harmonica.
    10. Wooden Cases 

      Hind Ocarina Case
      Introduced in 2009! These cases provide the ultimate protection for your most prized ocarinas.
    11. Train Whistle

      Train Whistle
      New for 2017, my train whistle is a perfect way to introduce your young child to wind instruments.

    12. Rhythm Rocks©

      Introduced in 2008, these rhythm instruments are played like maracas and make it easy for everyone to join in the musical fun.


Choosing an Ocarina

With all the variations and choices of type, voice, and wood, how do you choose an ocarina? Learn the differences here.

Custom Orders

All the sizes of Inline or Sweet Potato ocarinas may not be in stock at any given time, and you may request an ocarina with a specific wood or design.

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