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Inlaid Double Tenor Ocarina in F

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The Double Ocarina has an amazing tone. It is the same size as the single Tenor but consists of two separate chambers pitched a 5th apart. Each side can play one full octave using five finger holes, and the two voices can be played individually or simultaneously. When played together, they open up a whole new world of harmony never before experienced by most wind instrument players. The double ocarina is a good choice for anyone who is already accomplished on another woodwind, but beginners should learn one of the single ocarinas first, then step up to the double. The left chamber is in C and the right chamber is in F. It comes with a thick corduroy carrying bag, care instructions, and a music book/fingering chart with many songs written out with both melody and harmony. See the fingering chart Here

See a slideshow with sound HERE.

Sound Samples:

Amazing Grace

Calliope Song

Sorta Looney

We Three Kings

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Size:7" long x 2 3/8" wide x 1 1/2" thick
Range:1 octave on each side, (F4 -F5) & (C5 - C6)
Key of:F (upper chamber is in C)
Total Notes:22
Notes on each hand:11


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