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Double Tenor Ocarina in F

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The Double Ocarina has an amazing tone. It is the same size as the single Tenor but consists of two separate chambers pitched a 5th apart. Each side can play one full octave using five finger holes, and the two voices can be played individually or simultaneously. When played together, they open up a whole new world of harmony never before experienced by most wind instrument players. The double ocarina is a good choice for anyone who is already accomplished on another woodwind, but beginners should learn one of the single ocarinas first, then step up to the double. The left chamber is in C and the right chamber is in F. It comes with a thick corduroy carrying bag, care instructions, and a music book/fingering chart with many songs written out with both melody and harmony. See the fingering chart Here

Sound Samples:

Amazing Grace

Calliope Song

Sorta Looney

We Three Kings

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Size:7" long x 2 3/8" wide x 1 1/2" thick
Range:1 octave on each side, (F4 -F5) & (C5 - C6)
Key of:F (upper chamber is in C)
Notes on each hand:11
Total Notes:22


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  • Reviewer: Ellen Beeman
    04/03/2019 02:53pm
    Lovely instrument with wonderful tone on both chambers. I just received mine and already can tell how much I'm going to enjoy working out melodies and harmonies on this lovely instrument.
  • Reviewer: Lorna Dale
    01/05/2018 04:31pm
    What can I say? This is the second Hind Ocarina I have bought and I am very careful about which instruments I choose. and both are so beautiful! I love the look and feel of this double ocarina! And the sound is amazing! The tuning is exactly what I would come to expect from Hinds great products and I really appreciate Charlie sending me this Ocarina despite it not being officially available!

    Absolutely wonderful service - I live in England and it arrived weeks earlier than expected!

    And the little tab book has really helped me pick up the playing of this instrument much quicker than if I had been left to it on my own!

    10*stars out of 5 :-)

    Thank you x
  • Reviewer: Kadi
    04/13/2017 06:18am
    I just wanted to say thank you again, I have been playing non stop since my ocarina arrived and I love it, It is so beautiful in the way that it looks and sounds.
    I am also really grateful for the booklet you sent with it, I have been practicing the Jen's song and almost have it down, Your notes make it really easy to learn.
    I will learn to play it beautifully and cherish it always.
  • Reviewer: Jason
    01/12/2016 11:08am
    This is the best ocarina I ever played.

  • Reviewer: Jane
    07/08/2015 08:34am
    I have owned this for a couple of years; I mainly play stringed instruments but this double ocarina is such a satisfying pleasure to play that I keep coming back to it. The quality of wood and workmanship is very high, the sound is warm and rounded with accurate pitch. The instructional book is clear and easy to follow, and I have quickly been able to devise arrangements for tunes I want to play. It is a sheer delight!
  • Reviewer: Mark
    09/02/2014 03:53pm
    This is a remarkable instrument. I've had it five days and am slowly picking up its subtleties. This is really two instruments you play at the same time, so Charlie's right when he says you should master one of the singles first. But now that I'm playing a double, I find myself neglecting my single ocarinas. I started out playing the songs in the book that came with the ocarina. Now I'm making changes (sorry Charlie) based on what I like in the way of harmony. The point is, there are few limits to an instrument like this. It's hard to play, but it's oh, so satisfying. Bravo!
  • Reviewer: Fatih Karakaplan
    11/04/2013 09:52am
    I just want to say , I love you Charlie Hind.
  • Reviewer: Matt
    07/26/2013 05:02am
    Dear Mr. Hind,
    I am having trouble writing you a thank you note without boring you with stories about why I think your ocarina is so special. I think you are a super-star of a kind and your name will be remembered 200 years from now as musicians and collectors fret over anything bearing your signet. It's simply a thing of beauty in every way. I am so surprised how effortlessly I can get that uncanny tone. I've never made a flute instrument sound good. I am speechless. It will take time to train my fingers, but really it's just so pleasant and joyful to play that it's almost like it plays itself! I made far more progress today (received it today) than I ever expected with a flute-like instrument! (Was that too verbose?)
    Thank you very much Charlie Hind,
    You are most special among the human race.
  • Reviewer: Jack Harris
    12/25/2012 09:39am
    I just received my double tenor today, and I love the warm tone. The steady breath pressure is great for playing indoors, and I was surprised at how well the two chambers were in tune. Also, the wood is beautiful.
  • Reviewer: Daniel
    12/08/2012 12:50am
    This ocarina has a beautiful tone that you just don't get on most ocarinas. The pitch sounds perfect on every note and though learning songs on this ocarina are harder it is well worth it to play your favorite songs in perfect harmony. It comes with some sheet music and a nice bag to put it in when you arn't useing it. It would be harder for a beginner but if your experience with ocarina playing it is perfect.
  • Reviewer: Adrianna
    12/03/2012 05:02am
    This is truly a work of art, both in terms of craftsmanship and sound quality. I'll admit, I was a little worried that I was being too ambitious going for the double when I've only played a sweet potato for a couple of months, but the moment I picked this up it was just...magic! Fingerings were intuitive and I truly am looking forward to mastering this lovely instrument.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous
    07/19/2010 09:45pm
    An absolutely beautiful instrument! Its sound is so very natural, much nicer than ocarinas made of clay or ceramic.
  • Reviewer: Grace
    04/04/2008 04:29pm
    I have played the double ocarina for at least four years now. I could not be happier. Getting used to playing two separate parts at once takes some effort at first, but the rewards are simply boundless! The tone is beautiful and woodsy sounding, and the pitches are right on. If you are looking to pick up a new instrument, you've come to the right place.
  • Reviewer: John
    03/22/2008 10:52pm
    This beautiful instrument is a great find. With some experimentation you will find how to play this instrument and will love the music you can create.
    The ocarina is well crafted of beautiful wood and came with a carry-case and some sample sheet music to get you started.
    If a unique, enjoyable, and beautiful sounding ocarina is what you are looking for, this is it.

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