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D-Soprano Ocarina

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If I could have only one ocarina that hangs around my neck, it would be the D-Soprano. I love its sweet, mellow tone. Listen to the sound samples, and you'll see what I mean. It comes with it's own drawstring carrying bag, fingering chart (including songs), care instructions, and is also strung on a cord for hanging it around your neck. See the fingering chart Here

Sound Samples:

Gilligan's Island

Beverly Hillbillies

Green Acres

When I'm 64

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Size:4 1/4'' long x 1 1/2'' wide x 1 1/4'' thick
Range:9th, D5 - E6 (1 octave plus 1 note)
Key of:D
Total Notes:15 (fully chromatic)


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  • Reviewer: Austen J.
    04/01/2016 07:09pm
    Much like the Soprano G, and the Junior Ocarina, I only have good things to say about his Soprano D Ocarina as well. Much like the previous two, it has a very light weight, which is perfect for carrying around with you. Its tone is very mellow and recorder like. It requires no increase in breath pressure, and the notes are pleasing to the ear. Plus the size of the Ocarina is perfect for someone who may have larger hands. Overall, a fantastic instrument.
  • Reviewer: Mark
    11/22/2013 06:14am
    This is a wonderful little instrument. It has a bright, yet mellow tone and is the easiest thing to play that I've ever picked up. And the best part? It fits right in your pocket so you can take it anywhere, which I intend to do with mine. I am thoroughly hooked on ocarinas and Charlie makes the best. I imagine I'll end up buying more of these lovely little flutes from him in the future. Six stars!
  • Reviewer: Naomi Tilley
    07/11/2012 11:29pm
    This is a truly beautiful ocarina, and it made for the best birthday present I've had for a long time. Though small, it has a good, strong, bright and cheerful sound. It's a delight to play - easy on the fingers and doesn't need a lot of breath to get a lovely sound out of it. I love my D Soprano, and the size of it makes it perfect to hang around my neck, for playing at a moment's notice. Thank you, Mr Hind, for creating such a fantastic instrument!
  • Reviewer: robert loechler
    02/06/2011 11:11pm
    The D soprano ocarina is the favorite of my collection of ten.Why?It has a very simple two finger system.It is expertly made with superb tone and intonation.It is pretty and light as a feather. The D soprano is the star of my collection. Many thanks to Charlie for making such an excellent and versatile instrument for such a reasonable price
  • Reviewer: J.B.Mossa
    01/01/2009 08:27pm
    When searching for my first ocarina, I frequented many websites selling them. I watched all the videos on youtube, as well as any sound samples I could find. Having played guitar for a couple years I know there is no material superior to wood when it comes to voicing instruments. I am glad that Charlie knows that too. The tone of my D Soprano is lovely. Every note plays with the same amount of breath applied. And the high notes are voiced correctly unlike most other Ocarinas.

    Thank you Charlie for hand-crafting these lovelies without peer. I can't recommend enough to buy your Ocarina from this website where superb craftsmanship meets friendly service.
  • Reviewer: Jessica
    04/27/2008 06:58am
    This ocarina is great for people who want a portable and very light ocarina that they can take with them anywhere. It looks and sounds amazing! Not too high and not too low in pitch. And very easy to learn and play. Basically it's perfect!

    Mr. Hind's service is excellent and with a personal touch. Buy one now!

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