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Tenor Ocarina in F

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The Tenor Ocarina tone is probably my favorite of the inline ocarinas. I also like the fact that it is large enough to really show off the wood grain. It speaks effortlessly, and uses the same intuitive fingering pattern of the Alto. It comes with a thick corduroy drawstring carrying bag, fingering chart (including songs), and care instructions. See the fingering chart Here

Sound Samples:

Beautiful Dreamer



Scarboro Fair

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Size:7" long x 2 3/8" wide x 1 1/2" thick
Range:10th, E4 - G5 (1 octave plus a minor 3rd)
Key of:F
Total Notes:16 (fully chromatic)


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  • Reviewer: Adil Ahsan
    12/23/2017 04:30am
    This is probably my favorite purchase. It is beautiful, the bag it came in was also really nice.

    It's so easy and so much fun to play, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to have this as a part of their collection.

    The sound is warm and mellow, it requires almost the same breath throughout the range, you can play it really gently and almost effortlessly, without tiring yourself out.

    A lot of fun and a source of joy. I love it. :)
  • Reviewer: Niclas
    12/08/2014 12:45pm
    I was on the look out for a mellow sounding ocarina, and fell for this one.

    Compared to the ocarinas that I already have (Rotter C5 and Focalink / Stein Double AC) this one is different in a few ways:

    * It's not as loud. This is great for recording, I experimented a bit with a cheap condensor microphone and I had no problems with clipping and such(I however have had some problems with my other ocarinas) and it sounds quite magical with some reverb. I also played all three in succession over Skype to a couple of friends and without saying which one was which they all preferred this one, which I think again has to do with the lower volume and the more mellow sound.

    * The other ocarinas I have use a rising breath pressure, this one has an even breath pressure and you shouldn't use much more than a whisper worth of air.

    * Condensation is not really noticable with clay, but you will notice it here and have to suck in some air every now and then to get the spit out. It's about the same as with the plastic Focalink that I have in this regard.

    * It's really light, much lighter than the clay ones.

    * Fingering is a bit different to the ones mentioned above but not a lot. I've only had it for about 3 hours and I'm already starting to get used to it.

    * Of course the craftsmanship is excellent. Not that the other ones aren't good or anything, but this is wood and it seems less generic somehow.

    To summarize: I would recommend this ocarina, and I hope the review was thorough enough.
  • Reviewer: Joe Jay
    11/02/2013 04:52pm
    amazing. Got it just to play "misty mountains cold" from the hobbit, and it is nice and rich.

    It even glimmers in the light. Smells good too!!

    Came in 3 days!!!

    Thanks alot.
  • Reviewer: Christine
    10/14/2013 10:19am
    I got this ocarina specifically for playing in my barracks room (think of a small dorm) a couple months back. The only notes that bleed through the walls are the highest notes, and even then they are only audible when there isn't any other sound in that room. This is a safe investment for self conscious players!

    The sound quality is excellent. You won't be able to play this in a concert, but this is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The only negative thing I can find with the instrument is that the range can be very limiting, but that is what is to be expected with a single chambered ocarina. It is also very pretty, and it still smells good!
  • Reviewer: Brian
    03/25/2013 11:38am
    Hello, i just wanted to say i just received my ocarina and case and am left without words. The pictures most definitely don't do them justice. i honestly have never seen such a fine piece of craftsmanship :D! I'm absolutely blown away and very grateful, you will most assuredly be seeing more orders from me in the future :). Take care and be well.

    your new fan,

    Brian :)

  • Reviewer: Jim
    07/03/2010 06:06pm
    I have to add that the Tennor of Charlie's Ocarina's is still my favorite (I have 8 of Charlie's Ocarinas) even after trying Ocarina's from England, China, USA Mountains, and other places, (I live in Hong Kong and travel a lot) AND - recently I discovered Charlie's secret for Tweaking on his video for the Ocarina kits (I recently ordered :) - he uses olive oil ! I'm also experimenting with vaseline - which works very well - and considering chapstick...

    Wood was once alive and even when cut, continues to change - particularly in response to the humidity of our breath.
  • Reviewer: Luke
    05/09/2010 08:25pm
    There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said already, but I still feel that I should put in my opinion anyway.

    I got this in the mail yesterday, and the pictures don't do this ocarina justice. It's MUCH more beautiful when you're looking at it with your own eyes. The fingering is slightly different from my other ocarina from a different site, but it was very easy to learn. The tone is awesome, and it's not airy on the top notes. This ocarina requires a lower amount of air than my other ocarina, which took a tad bit of getting used to, but within 10 minutes I had it under control. It??s easy to hold, and much more comfortable than my other ocarina.

    Before I got it in the mail, I was wondering if I made a good choice and if it was worth the money. I??m sure that if you ask anybody who has this wonderful ocarina, they??ll say it??s worth far more than what he charges. There??s so much more I could say, but I??ll end with this? You won??t regret getting this ocarina.
  • Reviewer: Kristi
    02/22/2010 12:36pm
    As I said in my email to you on 2/19/2010 I just received my Tenor Ocarina. It is beautiful and sounds great. In my opinion, as well as my husbands, its craftsmanship is even better than what the pictures give it credit. It was worth the wait. Thank you, again.
  • Reviewer: Jake
    02/19/2010 04:51pm
    Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind. It took about a month for me to get it but the wait was worth it. Its rich tone is wonderfully enchanting while I'm caught looking at the beautiful finish and wood design. If possible I would give this ocarina a 10/5. Mr Hind you are truly an artist.
  • Reviewer: Fred L. Heins
    04/07/2009 08:06pm
    I have had the Tenor ocarina along with the Bb Alto for a little over a month. Exceptional is a word that comes to mind when I hold or play this instrument. Charlie, you are indeed an artist, thank you.
  • Reviewer: Daniel Kirkland
    04/01/2009 06:24pm
    Hey Mr. Hind I received the Tenor in the mail today! I must say the tone is very satisfying and rich. It's amazing to say the least!


  • Reviewer: bjorn antoniusson
    12/11/2008 11:43pm
    just got my ocarina by the mail. beautiful sound and looks. a real masterpiece thank you mr hind, you have done a wondefull job. and as you say something magical did happen to me when i got it by the mail. it is so easy to play and it sure is entertaining. and i am sure of that i have many wonderful musical years to look forward to.

    if you are still thinking about buying a ocarina of your own i can say this to you: mr hind is one master of ocarinas and if you buy one i can promise you will not regret it. my ocarina passed all my expectations and more.

    once again thank you mr hind from bjorn antoniusson all the way from sweden.
  • Reviewer: Vic
    11/15/2008 06:00pm
    I have just bought this ocarina. I couldnt be more satisfied. It has such a beautiful sound to it. When my skill warrants it, i WILL be picking up one of those sweet potatoes. Thanks heaps Charlie!
  • Reviewer: Jim
    11/07/2008 08:49pm
    Hi Charlie,

    I've tried Ocarinas from Japan, England, China, Northern USA, and now from a place so small it is called Honea Path and it turns out to be the best I've found. By the way Charlie - the Tenor made it in less than 10 days to Hong Kong. I find it very well tuned, versatile -and- finally a real musical instrument instead of a toy. I've spent 2 days learning the tenor and enjoyed every minute of it as the fingering quickly becomes second nature to both the musical notation and tuning. (I used Scarboro Fair for my first tune as it is one of my favorites and runs through almost all the finger positions).

    Also - Since you have the patent on Pentatonic Ocarinas, I guess that I need to ask you when you are thinking about making them.... As I'm sure you know - Chinese music is based on the pentatonic system and I am in China :) A Sweet Potato Bloodwood with a medium pitch would be ideal - but don't be in too much of a hurry as I still have a few more of the walnut Ocs to get first.

    *Thanks from a hillbilly in China that you've made just as happy as a fat hog in warm mud on a cold day.

  • Reviewer: anonymous
    09/30/2008 06:37pm
    I watched Docjazz 4's review and I thought that the tone was beautiful! So, I asked my dad for it for my birthday. It is amazing! Buy one now!
  • Reviewer: Johnny
    09/12/2008 09:14pm
    This ocarina is awesome! I don't have one, but my friend just received his recently and it is absolutely beautiful. It has the most beautiful tone I have ever heard on an ocarina.

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