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Double Tenor Sweet Potato in Sapele

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The double sweet potato plays an extended range of two octaves and is fully chromatic. The left (lower) side progresses up the scale from low F to G# above the octave. Then the right (higher) chamber continues up the scale from A to F. Click the "Specifications" tab above for more information. See the fingering chart Here

Each instrument comes in a thick corduroy drawstring carrying bag for protection. Links to fingering charts and care instructions can be found HERE. A hard case made from beautiful African Mahogany is also available HERE.

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Key of:F
Size:6 1/4" long ~ 4 1/2" wide ~ 2" thick


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  • Reviewer: Mark
    05/03/2015 04:10pm
    It pains me to admit it, but this is not the first double sweet potato I've crossed paths with. I have purchased, and returned, two ceramic ones because they were simply too hard to play. The upper chambers consistently had to be blown much harder than the lower chambers and were therefore much louder the higher the notes I played. Charlie Hind's Double Tenor eliminates this problem. I can highly recommend this instrument. Both chambers sound great with the same force of breath, and the range is incredible. Mine's a custom, but you can't go wrong with a Hind ocarina. I've learned my lesson now. Thanks, Charlie.
  • Reviewer: Albert
    02/11/2014 07:27am

    I just received the Ocarina, and I'm speechless. It has such an incredibly mellow end beautiful sound, one I did not believe an Ocarina could achieve. This, combined with the fact that the Ocarina and the Case are both as beautiful as wooden workmanships can be, makes it the truthfully most loved Ocarina of my collection that I will likely ever own.

    Thank You a thousand times for the lovely Ocarina!

    Best wishes,


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