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Double Bass Ocarina in C

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The Double Bass Ocarina has an amazing tone. It is the same size as the single Bass but consists of two separate chambers pitched a 5th apart. Each side can play one full octave using five finger holes, and the two voices can be played individually or simultaneously. When played together, they open up a whole new world of harmony never before experienced by most wind instrument players. The double ocarina is a good choice for anyone who is already accomplished on another woodwind, but beginners should learn one of the single ocarinas first, then step up to the double. The left chamber is in G and the right chamber is in C. Made of beautiful African Sapele wood, it comes with a thick corduroy carrying bag, care instructions, and a music book/fingering chart with many songs written out with both melody and harmony. See the fingering chart Here

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Size:10" long x 3 1/4" wide x 1 1/2" thick
Range:1 octave on each side, (C4 - C5 & G4 - G5)
Key of:C (upper chamber is in G)
Notes on each hand:11
Total Notes:22


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  • Reviewer: Caroline
    03/13/2017 11:58pm
    Its arrived and I am delighted! I didn't even have time to admire the wood I was so eager to hear what it sounded like and I was thrilled to get a sound out of it first blow. I usually play a whistle, so its great having a low sounding wooden instrument that I can use to play in harmony with myself, and I shall have fun learning the pieces in your book as well as adapting the folk songs and airs I already know. This is a lovely ocarina and will improve with age as we get to know one another and I play it in. There is nothing quite like the sweet sound of a well crafted wooden musical instrument!
  • Reviewer: Jamie
    08/12/2016 08:06am
    Hi Charlie, My ocarina arrived yesterday afternoon. Thank you for the fine work you did in making my ocarina. It is beautiful--in looks and in sound. This is one instrument I will be keeping for a lifetime. I am enjoying the ability to be mobile and to harmonize on such a relatively small woodwind instrument. The only other portable instruments that I am able to walk with and create harmony are my smaller stringed instruments. I am looking forward to mastering the playing of my ocarina.

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