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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Tenor Sweet Potato in Sapele

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The tenor sweet potato has a mellow, soothing sound.

This ocarina includes a double hole for low F#. Each instrument comes in a thick corduroy drawstring carrying bag for protection. Links to fingering charts and care instructions can be found HERE. A hard case made from beautiful African Mahogany is also available HERE.

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Tenor Range:F4 - Bb5
Size6 1/4" long ~ 4 1/2" wide ~ 2 1/4" thick
Key of:F (fully chromatic)


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  • Reviewer: Mark
    03/03/2015 08:38pm
    After briefly experimenting with ceramic ocarinas, I finally returned to wood. And Charlie Hind's are the best out there. I love my tenor sweet potato. It is easy to play and I have to admit it sounds better than clay. Plus, it won't shatter if you drop it. I'm sold on Hind ocarinas. I'm selling my clay ones. Thanks, Charlie. I'll definitely order from you again.
  • Reviewer: Aleksandar
    10/09/2010 07:11am
    I have finally looked upon and even held the ocarina. It's as much of a work of art as it is an instrument. The case is gorgeous and the ocarina is beyond words. It sounds every bit as beautiful as it looks. Thank you so much for the wonderful instrument and case.
  • Reviewer: Sandra
    09/29/2010 10:46am
    I wanted to tell you that the ocarina has arrived now. And it exceeds any expectation I might have had. It looks just perfect and I can't get

    enough of watching that shimmering effect I by the way did not expect either. Of course you know it sounds even far better than it looks. I love that

    dreamful sound and how easy and soft it is to play, I love it, love it, love it. And I meant to say thank you!
  • Reviewer: Cole
    10/27/2009 06:26am
    Just got back from the post office. This thing is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, I almost don't want to play it... almost. It sounds great, plays easily, and looks fantastic. Thank you Charlie Hind, for making such amazing instruments. I can honestly say I've acquired a new treasure today.
  • Reviewer: Kyle S.
    06/21/2009 06:27pm
    I received my tenor ocarina a couple months ago, and I have cherished it ever since. The instrument is beautifully crafted. I will on occasion take the ocarina out of it's case only to admire its beauty. The notes sound clearly, and in a dream-like quality that I adore. I have also played my ocarina for the enjoyment of close family. On multiple occasions I have found a soothing of my soul when I began to play a tune. A zen state of mind will overtake me and I soar, if only for the moment in time my soul sings. In short, I have never found greater pleasure in a musical endeavor than I have playing my Tenor Ocarina.
  • Reviewer: Johnny
    09/13/2008 07:16am
    This ocarina is awesome! I don't have one, but my friend just received his recently and it is absolutely beautiful. It has the most beautiful tone I have ever heard on an ocarina.

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