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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Rhythm Rocks

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I call these little jewels "Rhythm Rocks" because they remind me of the smooth stones found in riverbeds . . . river rocks. Completely hollow inside, they are partially filled with tiny metal balls that make rhythmic sounds like maracas when you shake them. When you're not in the mood to shake, just roll one in the palm of your hand for a soothing rain stick effect. Their smooth, flawless surface begs to be rubbed. I keep one in my pocket and hold it while driving. It's great fun to keep time to the radio.

Made from the same beautiful hardwoods that I use in the sweet potato ocarinas, they make perfect gifts for anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of our world. Treat yourself or treat a friend to the calming effect of these wonderful wooden objects.

Specify your wood choice in the drop down options window. The group picture shows Cherry in the middle. Then starting at upper right hand corner and moving clockwise, the woods are Black Walnut, Bolivian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Padauk, and Bocote. Prices start at $29.00 each.


Size:3 1/2 inches long x 2 1/2 inches wide


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  • Reviewer: John
    03/29/2018 07:34pm
    I've bought five, six, or seven of these at a time to give to the graduates of our program at Colgate University. They're the perfect gift. Each one unique, each one meticulously crafted, and so easy to carry along with you through your life, right in your pocket if you like. Plus, they've got rhythm!
  • Reviewer: Peggy
    08/03/2011 07:46am
    Everyone has loved the rhythm rock. I think it will be a big hit when I take it in to preschool in the fall-it is so beautiful.
  • Reviewer: Drew Waits
    05/05/2011 07:18pm
    This is a gorgeous piece of woodwork, I love how it feels in my hand. The sound quality is great, it has a good range in regards to pitch. It's amazing how such a simple instrument can have such a diverse voice. Its great, thank you Mr. Hind
  • Reviewer: Bec
    04/10/2009 12:41am
    I bought two of these as a gift, but almost didn't give them away. They look stunning and sound good. I was particularly impressed with how sharp or soft the sound could be made depending on which angle the rhythm rock was held. Thanks for making such beautiful instruments!

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