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Recordings of The Potato Bugs

 Before he died in 1985, Ollie Engebretson made a cassette recording documenting, in his own words, some of the highlights of The Potato Bug's career. Included on the cassette are some of the recordings they made over the years. He sent a copy of the tape to each of the other boys in the group, and when I finally found Dick Fjellman in 1993, he made a copy of his copy for me.

I have divided the tape into 16 distinct files for easy download, but nothing is cut. In each of the tracks below, Ollie adds more historical information. They are all well worth hearing, and I encourage ocarina collectors to keep them with your collections.

As Ollie states several times on the tape, these files are not to be used for any commercial purpose. My intent in posting them here is to insure that this important part of our ocarina history is not lost. 

01   History of The Potato Bugs

02   "Dance to the Music of the Ocarina"-with Irving Berlin playing piano and singing

03   "Dance to the Music of the Ocarina"-from original "Call Me Madam" record

04   Gretsch Instructional Record-side 1

05   Gretsch Instructional Record-side 2

06   Harry West 17 Piece Band-"Love Dreams"-group formed by Ollie and Dick.

07   Harry West 17 Piece Band-"Driving Home"

08   Harry West 17 Piece Band-"Bug Bug Buggy Ride"

09   Harry West 17 Piece Band-"Alaboo"

10   "Sweet Potato Bug"-with the boys playing ocarinas

11   "Anoka Polka"-with the boys playing ocarinas

12   "Potato Bug Boogie"-with the boys playing ocarinas

13   Welch's Grape Juice Commercial

14   Arthur Godfrey Show-with the boys playing and singing-November, 1950

15  Steve Allen Show-with the boys playing and singing-March, 1951

16   Perry Como Show with Frank Sinatra as guest host-January, 1951

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