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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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*Ocflute-Soprano in F ~ Morado

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This ocarina is sold, but I will make another one for you. Over the years, the name "ocarina" has become a generic term describing any instrument with an enclosed chamber rather than an open tube. In this respect, the ocflute is a true ocarina, but because it is turned on the lathe, its shape is reminiscent of the blockflute, or recorder. Thus the name "OcFlute."

My Soprano OcFlute (ocarina/flute) is in the key of F and has two sub-holes giving it a range of D5 to A6, one more note than my sweet potatoes. The left little finger operates two sub-holes taking the range from the tonic note of F down to D. It also features a double hole for the right hand little finger to facilitate the playing of F#.

The OcFlute combines the beautiful tone of the ocarina with the elegant lathe-turned profile found on 18th century woodwinds. Click on thumbnail at left for larger images and more information.

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Size9" long ~ 1.7" diameter
Range:One octave plus 6 notes
Key of:F (fully chromatic)


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  • Reviewer: Mark England
    07/31/2020 01:17pm
    First off, this ocarina is physically beautiful in the morado wood. It is fingered like a sweet potato, and is extremely easy to play. Its sound is high and sweet without being shrill. I started playing it by ear straight from the package. This is the fourth ocflute Charlie has built for me and may be my favorite yet. Highly recommended for beginners and professionals. I am very impressed. Thanks for another winner, Charlie!

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