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Train Whistle

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Once children are past the teething stage and able to understand basic instructions, my wooden train whistle is a perfect way to introduce them to breath control on a wind instrument. Long before they have the finger dexterity to cover finger holes, they can be tooting away to their heart's content on this great sounding whistle.

Not only will it develop breath control, but it also teaches ear training and even introduces them to simple musical notation. The whistle is tuned to a diminished 7th chord and plays four notes. Your child can listen for, and try to hear, each individual note of the chord. The air exits can be covered one at a time or in groups to stop certain notes and practice listening to different combinations of tones.

The notes of the chord are engraved right on the back of the instrument...a good first lesson in learning musical notation and relating musical tones to the notes on the staff.

I make these whistles from my best African Sapele hardwood, the same wood used in my ocarinas. It also comes in a thick corduroy drawstring bag so that your child can learn to take the very best care of his/her instrument when it's not being used. This high quality train whistle is sure to become a friend and companion that your child is likely to cherish for a lifetime. SOUND SAMPLE

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Size6" long ~ tapered 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" wide
Key of:D ~ plays D, F, A-flat, C


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