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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Gemshorn~Tenor in G

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The gemshorn dates back to 15th century Europe, primarily Italy, Hungary, and Germany. Originally made from goat's horn, It is one of the earliest European versions of an ocarina-like instrument. Its linear fingering pattern is very intuitive, enabling you to play the scale simply by lifting your fingers in order, one at a time. It comes with a thick corduroy drawstring carrying bag. See the fingering chart HERE. Complete care instructions can be found HERE.

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Size:9 1/2" long x 2" diameter
Range:10th, F#3 - Bb4 (1 1/3 octaves)
Key of:G
Total Notes:17 (fully chromatic)


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  • Reviewer: F. Wayne Mac Leod
    02/18/2019 06:32pm
    This is an easy adjustment from the inline tenor ocarina. Was playing in just a few minutes. Seems to require more breath than the inline ocarina but it has a clear sound in the lower range. It is taking me a little longer to master higher notes but I am sure this will come with more practice. The qality workmanship, and beautiful tone make this a worthwhile purchase, and will provide me with hours of relaxation and enjoyment for years to come.
  • Reviewer: Stanley Blow III
    04/17/2017 08:03am
    I've had Charlie Hind's wooden Gemshorn in G for a couple of months now, and I have to say that I am impressed. I've been playing the ocarina for a bit more than 3 years now, and none of my ocarinas have this mellow of a sound. This instrument is easy to adapt to, as the fingering is somewhat similar to a standard transverse ocarina. The range is a bit limited, but you can still play many interesting and fun tunes. I can't wait to break it out at an upcoming renaissance faire.

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