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Inline Alto Ocarina Kit - New!

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Have you ever wanted to make your own ocarina? At last, my inline ocarina is available in kit form. For many years I have had requests for a kit for my inline ocarina. Now after over 30 years of making them, I have developed my machining and voicing techniques to the point where I am confident that anyone can glue this kit together and have a great sounding, fine quality wooden ocarina. This ocarina is comprised of only two pieces of wood, is very easy to build, and will give you the feeling of making your own fine quality instrument. I have cut the sound producing parts of the ocarina with great precision, and there are two register pins between the top plate and body so that it has to go together accurately, just as I intended it. The outside is completely shaped for you so no power tools are needed. Only sandpaper, a little elbow grease, and the wood finish of your choice are required to bring out the lustrous beauty of this African Sapele wood. You will end up with a very fine, great sounding alto ocarina plus you will have the satisfaction of having built it yourself. Included in the package are complete assembly instructions, fingering chart, and free songs.

Fingering Chart

Instruction Sheet

More help with assembly

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An assembly video will be available soon.


Size:5" long x 1 3/4" wide x 1 1/4" thick
Range:1 1/2 octaves, B4 - E5
Key of:C
Total Notes:18 Fully Chromatic!


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  • Reviewer: Jason Proulx
    02/02/2017 02:12pm
    Awesome product, it was pretty simple to build. I love the look of the wood after I had applied Tung oil. What really got me is the sound of the wood, I have a ceramic Ocarina and the wooden ones sound much better. I recommend shopping here for all your Ocarina needs. Very beautiful sounding and looking work.
  • Reviewer: Coleton
    03/04/2015 06:59pm
    I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Sounds great, it has a warm and mellower sound, rather than the bright tone of a clay ocarina. I sanded in order of these grits: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320. I then applied a food safe wood oil. That dried and I applied shellac, repeating the oil and shellac, sanding the shellac in between coats. With one final oil coat. (3 coats oil, 2 shellac) The inside was sealed with shellac. The finish has a satin feel. The sapele wood is very beautiful. It was very easy to put together. I took video of the process and plan to upload soon. Thank you Mr. Hind!

  • Reviewer: Patrik Weiss
    12/14/2014 03:23am
    Easy to finish, very good music instrument - very nice sound and looks very nice too!
  • Reviewer: Chris Eve
    11/26/2014 02:09am
    A superb instrument! If you're at all handy with a piece of sandpaper and a tube of glue you can have yourself a fine-looking instrument that plays perfectly for just a couple of evening's work! Even the overseas postage is realistic!

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