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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Ocflute-Sopranino in A ~ Inlaid Rosewood

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My Sopranino OcFlute (ocarina/flute) is in the key of A and has one sub-hole giving it a range of Ab5 to D7. The first and second fingers of each hand are used to play the one octave scale just like my 4 holed ocarinas. The other holes are used to increase the range of the ocarina and are used only when needed. The sub-hole (right ring finger) stays open almost all the time and is closed ONLY for the lowest note (it lowers the tonic note by 1/2 step). It functions just like the sub-hole on sweet potato ocarinas. The left ring finger is kept closed, and is opened ONLY for the highest note. It functions exactly like the left pinky finger on sweet potato ocarinas. Each thumb hole is good for a whole step above the high tonic note. So what you have is a 4-hole ocarina that has a few extra holes added so that it plays a full 1 1/2 octave range. It's very easy to play just by thinking of it as a 4-hole ocarina. But it is a lot of fun learning how to use all the extra range too. I have enjoyed this little instrument more than any I have made in a long time.

See the fingering chart Here
The wood is Honduras Rosewood with Maple inlays. A thick corduroy drawstring carrying bag and cord for hanging it around your neck are included.

With this new instrument I am, in a way, returning to my roots in that I started out turning wooden recorders and flutes in 1975. The OcFlute combines the beautiful tone of the ocarina with the elegant lathe-turned profile found on 18th century woodwinds.

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Size6" long ~ 1.4" diameter
Range:One octave plus 6 notes
Key of:A (fully chromatic)


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  • Reviewer: John Crespi
    12/08/2014 01:50pm
    I got this sopranino seven or eight months ago. When it first arrived I thought there was something wrong with it. Going up the scale from low A to high A, I could not get the high A to intone properly without squeaking. I'd never had that problem before with the various pendants and inline ocarinas I'd played. I emailed Charlie and he got right back to me with some recommendations for getting the best sound out his his instruments. Still, I couldn't get it to play that high A! Well, I set it aside for a while. The instrument is so beautiful I didn't want to part with it lightly. And maybe something told me to be patient. Sure glad I kept it! Not long after receiving the sopranino I bought some nice ceramic 12-hole sweet potatoes in China (Fengya brand) and played those a lot, unwittingly honing my breath control. Back around September I picked up the ocflute again and quickly discovered that my breath control had been inadequate for this sensitive and delicate ocarina. I simply needed to blow more gently on the low A. Once I figured that out, I could not put the sopranino down. It's definitely not an instrument for beginners, but once you've got the breath control, you can't beat it! Such a sweet sound, and so responsive. Everyone who hears it is impressed (with its tone, not my playing). I had originally ordered an alto ocflute from Charlie, and thought it was great. But it developed a hairline split along the seam by the mouthpiece, so I returned it in exchange for the sopranino. Now I want that alto back! In the end, these are unique and masterful instruments. Truly one of a kind. I hope Charlie is making more ocflutes soon. I hope to be first in line!

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