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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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Sopranino Sweet Potato in Black Speckled Corian

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The Sopranino is the smallest and highest pitched of my sweet potato ocarinas. The tone is sweet, pure, and pleasant...without any hint of the harshness sometimes associated with higher pitched ocarinas.

Corian is a very dense and water proof acrylic material that is produced for the high end counter top industry. I like it for these small ocarinas because its smooth surface allows me to create very fine and accurate voicing which translates to a pure and sweet tone. To reduce moisture buildup while playing, the windway incorporates a cedar block. Each of the three points of the triforce is cut from a 1/8" thick sheet of contrasting corian and then inlaid into a matching recess in the surface of the ocarina. After the surface is sanded down to 1200 grit, great care is taken in polishing these little jewels so that they shine like gemstones.

The instrument comes on a removable cord for hanging around the neck, as well as a drawstring carrying bag for protection. A fingering chart and complete care instructions are provided on the website. See the fingering chart Here

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Key of:C (fully chromatic)
Range:One octave + 1 whole step (a 9th)
Size:2.5" long ~ 2" wide ~ 1" thick


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  • Reviewer: Therius
    01/12/2017 04:48pm
    I ordered from Mr. Hind last week. I LOVE IT. It's easy to play. I can't put it down. After two days I was playing the scales. This craftsmanship is just SUPERB. Sound is waaayyyy easier to play than a regular flute. I can't wait to get my Wooden Soprano next month.
  • Reviewer: Adam
    09/20/2008 01:57pm
    Coming from a family of artists and being an artist myself, I have a pretty big soft spot for handmade relics; in this case instruments. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but individually produced pieces like this have something "je ne sais quoi" you just can't get when manufactured en masse. I have always been more than willing to pay a premium for craftsmanship; It's a beautiful instrument and I think more people should support independent artisans! I'll be back for a wooden sweet potato in the near future!
  • Reviewer: Masaki
    06/29/2008 03:04pm
    My friend has purchased this ocarina and I observed and played it and the design is beautiful. the sound and range are amazing. this is good for any player looking for Charlie Hind's sweet potatos but cannot carry it because it is not made of wood. this ocarina can only be made by a true master in craftsmanship and his name is Charlie Hind

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