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Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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*Ocflute~Sopranino in Desert Ironwood with Bone Inlay

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My Sopranino ocFlute is in the key of A and has double holes for the lowest two accidentals making it fully chromatic. This ocarina is made of Desert Ironwood. It is illegal to harvest live trees of this species, so the only available wood comes from stumps that are dug out of the desert sand in the Southwestern United States. I cut the white inlay from camel bone. A fingering chart is available HERE

With this new instrument I am, in a way, returning to my roots in that I started out turning wooden recorders and flutes in 1975. The OcFlute combines the beautiful tone of the ocarina with the elegant lathe-turned profile found on 18th century woodwinds.

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Size5" long ~ 1.2" diameter
Range:One octave plus 4 notes
Key of:A (fully chromatic)
Fingering Chart:Click Here


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  • Reviewer: Sage Hochschild
    11/03/2020 07:44am
    This is a beautiful little instrument. Playing is so easy and enjoyable. It is high in pitch but the tone is just gorgeous. I’ve had this instrument for a few weeks and it is now the one I pick up most often. The craftsmanship is top notch. The wood looks beautiful in person and the inlay is done so well. It is a joy to look at and to play.

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