Hind Musical Instruments
Beautiful, handcrafted wooden ocarinas by Charlie Hind
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About Us

Hind Musical Instruments began in 1982 when I chose to make instrument making my full time profession. There are several things you need to know about my business:

When I first started making recorders in 1975, it was to make them for myself. I was a university trained musician with the highest standards, and today I continue those same high standards in making instruments for others. If it's not good enough for me to enjoy playing, then I don't sell it...period.

I am responsible for every aspect of the production of your ocarina...from ordering the lumber to rubbing on the final oil finish. When you place an order, it comes to my personal computer. I process your payment into my records, choose your instrument, pack your order, and personally drive it to the post office. Rest assured that when you order an instrument from me, you will get my very best personal attention. But it doesn't stop there. It continues for as long as you own your ocarina. This is my pledge to you.

Thank you very much for visiting my website, and I look forward to helping you.


Charlie Hind

Hind Musical Instruments

Hind Musical Instruments
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